Frequently Asked Questions

Deposit Refund Systems are already implemented 12 countries around Europe and another 10 countries are legislating or planning to start in the coming months. It is through the experiences of these countries that Government chose what beverages are in scope or out of scope of the Maltese Beverage Container Refund Scheme.

The beverages that form part of the Scheme include:

  • water and flavoured water;
  • non-carbonated soft drinks;
  • carbonated soft drinks;
  • ciders, beers and other malt beverages;
  • ready to drink coffee;
  • flavoured alcoholic beverages having an alcoholic content level which does not exceed 5%; and
  • dilutables.

A list of registered products as at 10/11/2022 may be downloaded through the following link:
Product List 10th June 2024

The following beverages are out-of-scope of the Scheme:

  • Beverages in refillable containers
  • Dairy
  • Juice and Nectars
  • Wines and Spirits
  • Beverages in Carton, HDPE or Pouches