Beverage Container Refund Scheme Participation

BCRS Malta Ltd. was incorporated by the Malta Beverage Producers Association, the Malta Beverage Importers Association and the Malta Beverage Retailers Association with the obligation, amongst others, to assume the collective extended producer responsibility on behalf of producers and retailers of single use beverage containers.

Producers, Importers, Retailers and Catering Undertakings making available on the market any non-refillable beverage container shall register with BCRS Malta Ltd., including all the details that it may require, for the successful operation of the beverage container refund scheme as per S.L 549.134

Prior to proceeding with Scheme Registration through the dedicated Corporate Portal, prospective participants are advised to read and be guided by the Scheme Participation Conditions hereunder.

Importer Participation Conditions

Participation Conditions

Who are we?

BCRS Malta Ltd. was incorporated by the Malta Beverage Producers Association, the Malta Beverage Importers Association and the Malta Beverage Retailers Association with the obligation, amongst others, to assume the collective extended producer responsibility on behalf of producers, importers and retailers of single use beverage containers and take the necessary measures to achieve beverage container collection targets in terms of the Beverage Containers Recycling Regulations 2020 – LN 311/2020 (‘’the Regulations’’).

BCRS Malta Ltd. was granted a license by Circular Economy Malta (CEMalta) to establish and operate the national beverage container refund system and take responsibility of all collected single use beverage containers.

As mandated by the Regulations, Producers, Importers, Distributors, Retailers and Catering Undertakings making available, or intending to make available, on the market any beverage container shall register with BCRS Malta Ltd., and shall register any such beverage container by providing BCRS Malta Ltd. all the details that it may require, for the successful operation of the beverage container refund scheme.

Scope of Beverage Container Refund Scheme

Only non-refillable beverage containers fall within the Scheme as operated by BCRS Malta Ltd.

Pursuant to Regulation 2, and as detailed in the First Schedule of the Regulations, the beverages falling within the scope of the beverage container refund scheme (‘’the Scheme’’) are:

  • Water and flavoured water;
  • Non-carbonated soft drinks;
  • Carbonated soft drinks;
  • Ciders, beers and other malt beverages;
  • Ready to drink coffee;
  • Flavoured alcoholic beverages having an alcoholic content level which does not exceed 5%;
  • Dilutables.

Furthermore, pursuant to Regulation 2, and as detailed in the Second Schedule of the Regulations, the beverage container specifications within the scope of the Scheme must be:

  • Made out of:
    1. Steel, or
    2. Aluminium, or
    3. Glass (clear/other), or
    4. Polyethylene terephthalate - PET (clear/light blue/other); and
  • Bottles or cans; and
  • With a capacity of between 0.1 litres and 3 litres

Scheme Participation – Requirements by Participant

  1. Company Registration

1.0 - Producers and Importers are to register with the scheme through the official portal of BCRS Malta Ltd.

A one-time company registration fee of €100 (Ex VAT) is to be paid through the BCRS Malta Ltd. portal to complete company registration. 

1.1 - Upon completion of company registration, BCRS Malta Ltd. will provide a registration number to each producer and/or importer. Scheme participants are bound to make their respective registration number clearly visible on their invoices and fiscal receipts. Producers and/or Importers who fail to comply will be guilty of an offence against the Regulations.

Deadline: Pursuant to Regulation 38 of the Regulations, all Producers and Importers are to register themselves with the Scheme by 31st July 2021.

1.2 - Disclaimer - Multiple Registrations

Pursuant to Regulation 13(2) & Regulation 13(3) of the Regulations, when registering in the scheme with BCRS Malta Ltd.:

  • A person who operates in the supply chain in more than one function, shall duly register with BCRS Malta Ltd., for each function as producer and importer, and or distributor and, or retailer and, or catering undertaking as the case may be;
  • A retailer who operates more than one retail establishment shall register each retail establishment; and
  • a catering undertaking who operates more than one catering establishment shall register each catering establishment.

A separate company registration fee for each separate function/establishment registration applies.

               1.2.1 - Pursuant to article 1.2, Producers and/or Importers who also operate as Distributors, are to make an additional, separate, registration as a ‘Distributor’ through the BCRS Malta Ltd. portal.

  1. Beverage Container Registration

2.0 - Producers and Importers are bound to register any beverage container they place on the market with BCRS Malta Ltd. through the official portal registration process.

2.1 - Concurrently with submitting the product registration application on the BCRS portal, and prior to import / manufacturing of a new beverage container in Malta, Producers and Importers are to present an empty sample (with cap/crown) of the container being registered to the BCRS Clearing Centre in Hal-Far Industrial Park.

2.2 - The BCRS Portal sends an automated acknowledgement of registration application receipt once filed.

The automated acknowledgement reminds the applicant that unless the sample is received, the product will NOT be approved.

2.3 - Until the sample referred to in Participation Condition 2.1 is received by BCRS, the product registration application is kept 'PENDING APPROVAL' (meaning the product will not be released by The Customs Department and neither accepted by the RVMs).

2.4 - The container sample is required so that BCRS ascertains that criteria for barcode number, weight, length, etc., match with the product data entered by the Producer/Importer through the portal.

2.5 - BCRS approves the product registration once the recognition criteria on the container sample and portal registration data match.

An automated email is sent to the Producer/Importer confirming product acceptance.

48 hours after confirmation of product acceptance, the Product can be placed on the market and becomes accepted by the RVMs and manual collection for deposit refund to consumers.

2.6 - Producers and/or Importers placing, or intending to place, single use containers on the market have the option to stamp or affix to single use containers a deposit logo developed by BCRS Malta Ltd.

2.7 - In the event that the shape, material, volume or type of a beverage container which is already registered, is altered, the producer/importer shall inform BCRS Malta Ltd. of such alteration/s before placing the beverage in the altered beverage container on the market, even if the barcode remains the same. The producer/importer obliges itself to provide BCRS Malta Ltd. with all the details it may require for the new beverage container registration.

Container alterations being registered are considered as new container registrations, and accordingly, a beverage container registration applies.

  1. Product Placement Reporting

3.0 - BCRS Malta Ltd. is bound to report to CE Malta on a quarterly basis, aggregate information on products place on the market that are within the scope of the Scheme.

To enable BCRS Malta Ltd. to report the said information, Producers and Importers have the obligation to report with BCRS Malta Ltd. the following information on a monthly basis through the BCRS Malta Ltd. portal:

  • Volumes, by quantity per barcode, of the registered single-use containers placed on the market for the full previous month.

The Product Placement Report is to be lodged securely through the BCRS Portal between the 1st and 9th day of every month (both days included).

3.1 - In respect of each beverage container placed on the market, the producer/importer shall pay the following Administration Fees to BCRS Malta Ltd.:

Container Material

€/Beverage Container (Ex VAT)

PET – Clear


PET – Light Blue*


PET – Other


Glass (Clear & Other)






*Let down ratio 'LDR' (percentage colorant in resin) of less than 0.1

N.B. Administration Fees are subject to review by BCRS Malta Ltd. on a yearly basis.

3.2 - Single use-containers shall either have:

  • a market-specific barcode; or
  • a non-market specific barcode.

BCRS Malta Ltd. shall charge Producers/Importers which opt to use non-market specific barcodes an additional surcharge on the administration fee of 5%.

4             Deposit for Single Use Containers

4.0 - Every Single Use Container made available on the market shall be subject to the payment of a deposit of €0.10.

The deposit value shall not be subject to any Value Added Tax (VAT). The Producer/Importer shall indicate payment for the deposit separately from the price on all receipts and invoices.

N.B. Should the value of the deposit change, BCRS Malta Ltd. shall be notifying all Scheme members on their registration contact email and also through the official BCRS Malta Ltd. website.

4.1 - The deposit shall be due by the Producer/Importer to BCRS Malta Ltd. upon the placement of the single use container on the market.

4.2 - Producers and/or Importers shall re-claim the full value of the deposit upon the onward sale of the beverage to their successor in the supply chain.

5             Product Placement Projections

5.0 - Producers and/or Importers, as Scheme participants, bind themselves to provide yearly updates regarding the following twelve month’s projections on the volumes of beverage containers to be placed on the market.

Projections are to be reported through the BCRS Malta Ltd. portal upon beverage container registration and on a provided e-form annually thereafter.

  1.   Participation

6.0 – Producers and/or Importers shall report to BCRS Malta Ltd., upon request by BCRS Malta Ltd. and if necessary for the proper operation of the Scheme and to the extent so necessary, the details of the persons to whom beverages in single use containers are sold, distributed or transferred, within five (5) working days from receipt of request for information.

7             Terms of Payment

7.0 – The BCRS Malta Ltd. portal enables automated invoice generation for either:

(a) immediate payment of fees to be affected via payment gateway service; or

(b) automated receipt of an invoice by email to be thereafter settled according to the below payment terms:

Fee Type / Deposit

Term for Settlement

Reporting Frequency

Company Registration Fee

Immediate upon Registration through the Portal


Beverage Container Registration Fee


Containers are to be registered prior to market placement.

Administration Fee

60-day credit



60-day credit


Transactions and Representation

All official transactions, including registration, reporting, fee and deposit payments are to be conducted directly with BCRS Malta Ltd.


The Participants shall comply with the Scheme participation conditions as laid down by BCRS Malta Ltd. from time to time.

The Scheme Participant shall ensure that the details registered with BCRS Malta Ltd. are correct at all times and provided through the official BCRS Malta Ltd. portal through the standard registration/reporting processes.

Where a Producer and/or Importer intends to stop its operations in the market for beverages, or where a producer intends to stop placing on the market particular beverages, it shall inform BCRS Malta Ltd. in writing.

Scheme Participants are reminded that they are bound by the provisions of the Beverage Containers Recycling Regulations.

BCRS Malta Ltd. is empowered by the Beverage Containers Recycling Regulations to report any market participant and, or scheme participant to the respective authorities in the event that the said market participation or scheme participant is not complying with the provisions of the aforementioned Regulations.

Should there be any changes to these participation conditions, BCRS Malta Ltd. will update the Participation page in the BCRS Malta Ltd. official website accordingly. It is therefore in the interest of scheme members to check the Participation page any time they access the portal, to keep abreast with any changes which may occur from time to time. Further, if any of the aforementioned changes are of a material nature, an email notification shall also be sent to all participants.

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The Beverage Container Refund Scheme and the related Deposit Refunds commence on the 1st of April 2022.