At BCRS, we are all about innovation! In order to achieve our goals in an efficient and equitable manner, in the coming weeks we will be deploying the Beverage Container Refund Scheme which will be powered by the latest IoT and engineering technologies.

The scheme shall encourage consumers to return their beverage containers to one of the many Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) that are currently being distributed around Malta and Gozo’s. These RVMs use the latest technology to scan each beverage container that is returned, thus effectively ensuring that it is in scope of the scheme.

Internet of Things technology connects all RVMs together and provides BCRS with real time information. The IT system which will support BCRS and its RVMs will regulate the collection and separation of returned containers creating an intelligent network that will govern the system automatically, efficiently and securly.

An interactive map with the locations of the various RVMs spread across Malta and Gozo will be available on the BCRS website and will be live on google maps once the scheme will be launched.

Consumers will find that locating their nearest RVM will be as easy as looking for any other service/shop such as a barber or hairdresser.

Used beverage containers collected via the RVMs are sent to BCRS Ltd’s Clearing Site in Hal-Far, a state-of-the-art purposely built lightweight environmentally friendly building made of wood, glass and some concrete, equipped with the most advanced waste management technology in the country.

There will be automated selection of materials using magnetic, eddy current and optical sensors and state of the art technology will also be used for educational purposes with schools and other organisations.

The IT system in place, commissioned to a company from Europe that has already implemented a number of deposit refund systems, links through the Internet Of Things technology the 330 RVMs across Malta to the clearing centre and brings everything together in one automated efficient, transparent and secure system.

This is a first for Malta, as no such system has ever been in operation on the island. Be part of this exciting journey!