Retailer Participant Categories

Select one of the following Retailer Sub-Categories.
  • A person who operates in the supply chain in more than one function, shall duly register for each function as producer and importer, and or distributor and, or retailer and, or catering undertaking as the case may be;
  • A retailer who operates more than one retail establishment shall register each retail establishment; and
  • A catering undertaking who operates more than one catering establishment shall register each catering establishment.
Registration Walk-through Video

Any person who makes available on the market beverages in beverage containers at the retail level to consumers.


Includes individuals and companies that sell by retail from a vehicle or from any allocated site whether from any street, or within the precincts of an open-air market or otherwise.

Vending Machine Operator

Includes individuals and companies that fill, maintain and collect money from machines that dispense beverages in beverage containers.