The Beverage Container Refund Scheme has arrived!

22nd October 2021

The Beverage Container Refund Scheme, which will enter into force in Malta in April 2022, is intended to close the loop on the production cycle of single-use beverage bottles and cans.

In the world, tonnes of single-use beverage containers are produced each year, with a great amount of them ending up being disposed of in less than careful ways – polluting our seas and the environment at large.

The Beverage Container Refund Scheme will address this, by actively incentivising their return for a refund, effectively translating a problem into an opportunity – waste into a resource!

BCRS Malta Ltd. is the licensed operator for Malta’s upcoming Beverage Container Refund Scheme - a not-for-profit company incorporated by three associations representing Malta’s beverage market – the Malta Beverage Producers Association, the Malta Beverage Importers Association and the Malta Beverage Retailers Association.

The company shall assume the responsibility for the nationwide collection of beverage container single-use waste on behalf of producers, retailers and catering undertakings.

In order to achieve this goal, BCRS Malta Ltd. is investing over €15 million in private capital infrastructure for a system of front-end and back-end beverage container recycling.

The model underpinning the new Scheme for recycling of beverage containers, is the Deposit Refund System, used successfully internationally, which shall be implemented  in Malta as from the 1st of April 2022.

The Beverage Container RefundScheme will incentivise the return of single-use beverage containers by applying a refundable deposit of €0.10c on the sale of beverages in scope.  These include water, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, ciders, beers, ready to drink coffee and dilutables in glass, PET or metal bottles and cans.

A network of Reverse Vending Machines shall be available to consumers all over Malta and Gozo for returns of beverage containers, acting as the front-end of this innovative beverage container recycling system powered by the latest Internet of Things technology.

And we are committed!The Beverage Container Refund Scheme plans to achieve high recycling targets, aiming for 85% returns of all beverage containers by 2026.

The Beverage Container Refund Scheme has arrived!

The future is here, and we are excited to be at its forefront!