Call for Catering Establishments – Let’s make a difference together!

19th November 2021

Call for Catering Establishments – Let’s make a difference together!

BCRS Malta Ltd., the national operator of the upcoming Beverage Container Refund Scheme calls on all catering establishments in Malta and Gozo to register with the scheme as per their legal obligation under S.L 549.134.

Catering establishments making available beverage containers on the market, including water, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, ciders, beers, ready to drink coffee and dilutables in glass, PET or metal bottles and cans, are invited to get acquainted with the scheme participation conditions for the HoReCa sector accessible on the BCRS Malta portal –

Catering Undertakings are guided to register all catering establishments they operate, with all the necessary details. Registration can be completed by entering the Corporate Portal on the BCRS Malta website and clicking on ‘Catering Undertaking’.

BCRS Malta Ltd. is a not-for-profit company incorporated by three associations representing the local beverage market – the Malta Beverage Producers Association, the Malta Beverage Importers Association and the Malta Beverage Retailers Association.

The Beverage Container Refund Scheme, which will enter into force in Malta in April 2022, is intended to actively incentivise the return and recycling of single-use beverage containers for a refund.

The Scheme plans to achieve high recycling targets, aiming for up to 90% returns of all beverage containers by 2026.

The future is here, and we are excited to be at its forefront!