BCRS Deposit Logo

23rd November 2021

BCRS Deposit Logo

BCRS Malta is making available the BCRS deposit logo to producers and importers wishing to incorporate it into their beverage labels.

The deposit logo shall assist Producers and Importers in demonstrating their environmental commitment to consumers through their participation in the Beverage Container Refund Scheme. It indicates that an administration charge has been paid by the Producer or Importer for placing the single-use beverage container in Malta’s environment and that the consumer may claim a deposit refund upon returning that beverage.

The BCRS deposit logo is purely for consumer information purposes and in no way affects the container acceptance process of the Reverse Vending Machines.

Beverage Container producers and importers wishing to receive the BCRS Deposit Logo are kindly asked to send their request on email: info@bcrsmalta.mt