Product Registration is now OPEN!

23rd November 2021

Product Registration is now OPEN!

Product registration is a critical process in the operation of the Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) and the deposit refund system, namely because Reverse Vending Machines shall only accept empty beverage container returns which are registered in the BCRS Malta database. Accordingly, consumers shall only be refunded their deposit on beverage containers which are registered with the Scheme!

In light of the above, we are pleased to inform Scheme participants that Product Registration is now Live on the BCRS portal.


To proceed with registration, users need to access the Product Manager through their user account.
Two registration processes can be availed from:

  • E-form registration (which allows for the individual registration of beverage containers); and
  • Bulk Upload registration through a CSV. Template (which allows users to register multiple beverage containers at once)


BCRS Malta is providing participants with walk-through videos on how to process their product registration, both for the e-form and bulk upload processes. Walk through videos are available at the below links:


Bulk Upload:


Please do follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the walk-through videos to ensure that the data inputted in product registration is correctly imported and read by the portal database.


The above information is being brought to the attention of producers and importers placing beverage containers (in scope of the Scheme) on the market, due to their obligation, pursuant to Clause 13(1)(b) of S.L. 549.134, to register any such beverage container by providing BCRS Malta Ltd. with all the details that it may require for the purposes of the operation of the Scheme.